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Photograph of Councillor Peter David Reeve MBE
Councillor Peter David Reeve MBE

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Cllr Peter Reeve


Peter Reeve is the Huntingdonshire District Councillor and Cambridgeshire County Councillor for Ramsey. Elected on 23rd July 2009, Pete is the first UKIP (UK Independence Party) Councillor on both authorities.

Another big win for UKIP in Ramsey


The UKIP Group leader in Huntingdonshire, Cllr Reeve retains his seat as the member for Ramsey on Huntingdon District Council.
North West Cambridgeshire Member of Parliament, Sailesh Vara spent a huge amount of time during the campaign in Ramsey and activists were drafted in from all over Cambridgeshire. Yet despite this and the very large turn out caused by the General Election, UKIP actually increased it’s majority in the Ramsey Ward.
UKIP now holds the County Council seat for Ramsey and two of the three Huntingdonshire District Council Seats for the Ward.
Cllr Reeve said: “Like all UKIP Councillors we believe in rolling up our sleeves and getting on with the work that needs to be achieved in our local community.


"I am pleased that we have a reputation not just for working hard but also for achieving results and getting things done.


"We have done a lot but there is a huge amount more to be tackled and I am grateful that the people of Ramsey have given me the opportunity to continue to achieve more.”

The results for the Ramsey ward on May 6th 2010 were :
Peter Reeve (UKIP)                        1,937        45%
Angela Curtis (Con)                       1,563         36%
Melanie Algood (Lib Dem)                 553         12%
Susan Coomey (Lab)                         243         5%

Election victory (23rd July 2009)

Peter Reeve of UKIP

An election victory has seen Pete Reeve  take seats on Cambridgeshire County Council and Huntingdonshire District Council after elections in Ramsey


Peter Reeve defeated sitting Conservative county council member Cllr Susan Normington and then took the former Liberal Democrat seat on Huntingdonshire held by the late Cllr Ray Powell.

The county election had been delayed for two months by the death of Cllr Powell, who had been one of the candidates, and there was a by-election for his district council seat.

Cllr Reeve took the county seat with 865 votes, pushing Cllr Normington into second place with 682.

Liberal Democrat Anthony Hulme was third with 308 and Susan Coomey, for Labour, was fourth on 53.

Cllr Reeve also took the district council seat with 753 votes, with Conservative Angela Curtis runner-up on 569, Jeffrey Clarke, an Independent, third with 303 and Melanie Allgood, Liberal Democrat, came fourth on 295.



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